Our references


Since now 22 years, SFEC is the trusted partner of companies using IT and e-technologies.
Specialized in the scope of development, or adaptation of software and equipment solutions, customized to our clients specific needs, SFEC, through years, acquired an expertise in consulting and innovative solutions setting, making possible for its business partners substantials productivity profits and a noticeable reduction of computing equipments owning costs.


References in onboard computing

Due to that expertise,  SFEC was droven to develop equipments, strategies, skills and services to ensure to on-board shipping or offshore vessels IT materials & services a reliability and a continuity of service as good as shore ones, despite numerous mecanical, service, use and maintenance constraints.

As the reliancy and the effiency of SFEC equipment and services have been proven, many companies use SFEC services to equip, maintain, repair or for outsourcing services, like : V SHIPS, COMPAGNIE MARITIME NANTAISE, GEOGAS, EITZEN CHEMICAL [TEAMTANKERS], WILHELMSEN, DHT, AET Tankers, BERNHARD SCHULTE SHIP MANAGEMENT, MARCAB SARL, Emirates Ship Investment Company LLC (ESHIPS), Viken Shipping.  

After the realization of several ready to install and ready to plug computers/networks kits for several part or complete vessels re-equipement for V SHIPS, EITZEN CHEMICAL [TEAMTANKERS] (including, for the more recent ones, SICHEM RUBY, SICHEM AMETHYST, in 2015, les SICHEM IRIS, SICHEM LILY, SICHEM ANELINE, SICHEM PALACE, SICHEM ORCHID, TEAM SAPPHIRE in 2016), DHT (DHT EUROPE, DHT REDWOOD, DHT AMAZON in 2015 & 2016), MARCAB SARL (IMRIKLY in 2016) or COMPAGNIE MARITIME NANTAISE (for MN PELICAN, MN TOUCAN and MN COLIBRI in 2015 & 2016)Emirates Ship Investment Company LLC (ESHIPS) (ESHIPS SHAMAL in 2017) or the full equipment of FORBIN [GEOGAS] in shipyard (Kanrei Zosen, Naruto au Japon). In 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, SFEC has designed, built and ensured the setting  supervision in shipyard, of all IT equipment for the 2 most recent vessels of COMPAGNIE MARITIME NANTAISE (MN CALAO & MN TANGARA [Hyundai Mipo - South Korea]) and for the last 4 vessels of GEOGAS (VERRAZANE, SURVILLE [Hyundai Mipo - South Korea], CHAMPLAIN & POINTIS [Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries - South Korea]).
In 2017 COMPUSHIPS™ has designed, built and ensured the setting  supervision in shipyard, of all IT equipment of a new vessel for AET Tankers (EAGLE LE HAVRE [Hyundai Gunsan - South Korea]).
In 2018 COMPUSHIPS™ has designed, built and ensured the setting  supervision in shipyard, of all IT equipment of 2 new vessels for Viken Shipping (SANDVIKEN & SKUTEVIKEN [Daesun Shipyard - Busan - South Korea]).

Since 2014 all the marine skills and expertise were gathered under the brand name "COMPUSHIPS™"


Our references in software development

Corse Transport Office (in french : OFFICE des TRANSPORTS de la CORSE (OTC) uses a software application 100% developped by SFEC, to check that the airline companies serving corsica island airports, follow the strict regulation of the Public Service Obligations (Obligations de Service Public) and to monitor and report obligations respect/issues, flight by flight, point by point and day by day.

SFEC has provided assistance to set up all specificities and  technical coordination with airline companies  to ensure a perfect communication of the different computing systems and data transfers.